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Staunton, Virginia 24401
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who will answer my phone call?

A:  I will personally respond, generally within 24 hours during week days.


Q:  What will my first appointment be like?

A:  Your first session is a time for us to get to know a little about each other. I will make you aware of my office policies, privacy policies, your options, and what to expect in further sessions.  You will be asked about what’s not working in your life and what you’d like help with.  You will have an opportunity to get a sense of who I am and of how I work.  Usually by the end of this session I’m able to give you some initial observations and recommendations for how to proceed.


Q:  How long are sessions?

A:  Your sessions will be 45 - 50 minutes long.  However, sometimes clients prefer longer sessions.   If that is the case, we will work that out together.   


Q:  Do you take insurance?  

 A:  Yes, I take Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Cigna.


Q:  Is what I share with my therapist confidential?

A:  Yes. Your privacy is protected by federal and state law and by the ethics of my profession.  All your information is held confidential and can be released only through procedures consistent with federal and state law and with the ethical guidelines of my profession.  For more information, see the Forms and Policies section.


Q:  What about medications?

A:  I am licensed and trained to do psychotherapy and I do not prescribe medications.  If we decide that medications would be right for you, I can recommend some physicians who can prescribe them for you.  If you are on medications, I am familiar with most psychotropic medications and can consult with your physician with observations that might be helpful in your medication management.